Conventions and Events - IMP 2010

Posted by: jasonhubbard On: Jul 1st 2010

IMP – Irregular Miniature Paintfest
After the success of last year, IMP is back bigger and better.

Saturday July 31st at Patriot Games & La Perle delicatessen, The Wicker, Sheffield

11:00 – 16:00

This is a free event, so there’s no reason not to come along and join in.

Participation games
Speed painting
Golden Imp Awards painting competition
Miniature display

A full agenda will be uploaded very soon.

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Jul 2nd 2010

Hi Jason and welcome to the forum.

Could you give us more detail on what the event entails? Is it purely a wargames/miniatures painting day, or are there other aspects to it? For example, these forums tends to concentrate on roleplaying games (although folks here do produce a skirmish wargame, card games, etc), so is there an RPG element to the procedings?


Posted by: jasonhubbard On: Jul 2nd 2010

More details can be found here

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