Games Design - [Okhrana] Situation and Character Creation

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Jul 5th 2010 edited

After taking on board the excellent feedback in this thread, and from some offline discussions, Okhrana is slowly assuming a more coherent shape.

Edit: For those not familiar with the evolution of the game, Okhrana is a game of espionage and politics in belle epoque Paris.

I've attached the current document, which is still somewhat scrappy I'll admit, but I'd like to highlight the integration of situation and character creation for comment in this thread.

I should note that this HAS NOT been tested in play, so could stuff that makes this awkward could yet be revealed at the table. At the moment, though, I'd like to get peoples thoughts on how they see this flowing as a procedure for generating an exciting game situation.

To paraphrase from the main game text, situation and character creation will now flow like this:

i) Situation: Why are the characters together?
ii) Character: Where does each character come from, how were they radicalised, what do they do now?
iii) Situation: What is the tone of the game?
iv) Character: Attributes
v) Situation: What is the main thrust of the game?
vi) Character: Personal and political manifestos
vii) Situation: Who are our antagonists?
viii) Character: Establishment of relationships
ix) Situation: Who else is involved?
x) Situation: Describe a photograph each
xi) Character: Traits

Each of these sections has a series of questions or choices that will help new participants establish situation and character. So of these (such as the questions in part ii) are mandatory. Most of the rest are optional, and serve as examples or guidance. The document itself gives more detail on all of these stages.

Does this appear to be a valid and workable method of integrating the two strands, rather than having a discrete 'create your situation, then create your character' way of doing things? Are there other things which need to be added to (or subtracted from) these elements? And, if you read the document and have any suggestions for things to add to the lists of ideas, please feel free to do so.


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