Announcements - Stuff to Watch, August 2010

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Aug 3rd 2010

The latest issue (#5) of horror gaming magazine Protodimension has two article on Cold City. You can download it here.


Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Aug 4th 2010

This photo blog entry on the fortified towers of Kaiping could provide some fantastic inspiration.


Posted by: Claus On: Aug 8th 2010 edited

Good links, I love the Kaiping towers. Gives me a ton of ideas for stories/games. Hell, I want to live in one!

Dark Roasted Blend is a fantastic site for inspirational photos and art. I've only looked at a fraction of all the weird and wonderful categories. There is a great section there on Russia which could be used for Cold War/Hot War inspiration as well as sci-fi, steampunk, space, futurism, military... you get the picture.

Posted by: Neil Gow On: Aug 12th 2010

This is a very interesting development indeed...

Bits and Mortar Initiative


Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Aug 14th 2010

Two Scooters Press' take on selling through IPR and the Design Matters booth. Really useful to read.

Part 1
Part Two

It just shows that with a full-colour book (costing 10.50 to print) a cover price of $24 is right on the limit of making no money through IPR at a con. If the market won't bear your cover price (and I'd contend that it did for Blowback as it sold out at $28 on IPR despite the grumbling of the masses) then you have to lower your unit cost. (I think it's a good idea to have as low a unit cost as possible, and it's worth noting the 2SP shopped around to find the cheapest quote they could, so this isn't simply them making bad choices.)

I think the thing I'm noticing is that the public likes colour but doesn't want to pay for it (or necessarily "want" it). Of course, the printer making your book most certainly does want paid for it.

Posted by: Tim Gray On: Aug 14th 2010

The Two Scooters stuff is indeed interesting. A smidgin overheated, but if it helps to inform people about the pitfalls of pricing it'll have done some good.

Posted by: Neil Gow On: Aug 19th 2010

I'm sure you will have seen this one floating around on various sites, but it shines an interesting light on the hobby world we inhabit...

Posted by: Neil Gow On: Aug 19th 2010


Posted by: Matt On: Aug 25th 2010

I'm quite enjoying Orbit Books trends in Fantasy book cover design blog posts. Useful for knowing the cliches.

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Aug 25th 2010

Ha, I just watched that youtube vid Neil. Very droll.

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Aug 26th 2010

'Is Indie dead?' asks a retailer, provocatively.

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