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Posted by: Joe Prince On: Aug 25th 2010 edited

It’s time for the world’s most confusing game bundle: Two Games with One Name.
Hell 4 Leather: A RPG of bloody revenge on Devil’s night.
Hell For Leather: The game where murder equals extra dice.
Now, for the first time, we’re bundling these two bad-ass games together with a huge discount. Included in this bundle:
• Joe Prince’s Hell 4 Leather (Winner of the 2G1N competition 2009)
• Sebastian Hickey’s Hell For Leather (Winner of the Best Dark Game, 2G1N 2009)
• Hell for Leather Deluxe Target
• Hell for Leather PDF
All for only €19. There’s limited stock, so grab your copy today!

Back last October, Nathan D Paoletta started the Two Games One Name (2G1N) competition.

My Hell 4 Leather was the overall winner!

A tale of bloody revenge on Devil’s night. This tarot fuelled beast roars like a motorbike on full throttle!
Here’s what NDP thinks of H4L on his blog. Also check out the Bearswarm podcast, elsewhere on this forum, for a full AP.

Sebastian’s Hell for Leather
Winner of Best Dark Game. An ultraviolent game-show hurls you into a world of sexy gore. The mounting tension is represented viscerally as a rising dice tower – just don’t collapse it on your roll…

These two GMless, zero prep games are now together with a huge discount. This special bundle has a street value of €28. We’re giving it away for €19.

Go crazy and play them both in one gruesome night of darkness – ideal for a Halloween RPG party!

You can order from the cobweb games shop

Or if you just want the PDFs, you can find them on OBS.

Cheers - keep it dark.

Posted by: Sebastian Hickey On: Aug 26th 2010 edited

We've had a customer already! Vrooom!

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Sep 1st 2010

And for customers of IPR you can now find both games there too:

Hell 4 Leather

Hell For Leather

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