Site Admin - Missing Posts / Server Downtime

Posted by: Matt On: Sep 9th 2010

HI all,

I've had to restore the forum from last night's backup due to a catastrophic server borkage that plagued today. I had to restore the disk from last week, but fortunately I had a DB backup from last night so the forum should be mostly here.

Apologies to Malc/Gregor and Graham, as this seems to have mostly killed some excellent posts on the A Taste For Murder thread.


Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Sep 9th 2010

No problem, Matt. Thanks for sorting it out so quickly.

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Sep 9th 2010

Yes, thanks indeed Matt. I'm sure we can reconstruct our posts from memory. I'm certainly off to do that right now!


Posted by: Keith Fyans On: Sep 10th 2010

Not sure if you realise but some of your pages are still down (Group, Games, etc). Hope they are back soon!

Posted by: Matt On: Sep 10th 2010

Keith, check it's not your browser caching. Everything's bee up for a while...

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