Publisher Fan Support - Beat to Quarters vs Talk Like a Pirate Day

Posted by: Neil Gow On: Sep 20th 2010

OK folks, its upon us - hundreds of fools pretending to talk like pirates.

Of all the madness the internet has given us, this is the one that drives me mad the most!

So to do my bit to stop this madness, I have rallied the forces of right and proper people, in the form of the Royal Navy of his Majesty King George III, and made them available to you, the people of Collective Endeavour.

For the next seven days, Beat to Quarters will be $5.00 to download at

Do the decent thing and use this veritable bounty to lay waste to some pirates today!


Beat to Quarters is a roleplaying game of action and intrigue in the Age of Sail. Using the Empire! system, players take the role of the crew onboard one of the Royal Navy's ships doing battle with the French, the Americans and in this case, bloody Pirates! Beat to Quarters recently won 3rd place in Best New Game and 2nd place in Best Support at the Indie RPG Awards at GenCon. For more information check out Omnihedron Games

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