Announcements - Hot War Transmission - Issue 2 Pre-order

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Sep 22nd 2010

The full colour hardcopy of Issue 2 of the Hot War Transmission will be available from the second week in October. But, you can pre-order the print version and get your hands on the PDF package right now!

Issue 2 of the Hot War Transmission takes a look at the devious and at times murky world of politics. Articles in this issue include a look at UK politics prior to the war, scenario suggestions with a political theme, and a look at prominent 1960s politicians John Profumo and Enoch Powell and how their lives might have turned out in the world of Hot War.

Scott Dorward presents 'Things Fall Apart', a scenario that delves into the influences on, and machinations within, the SSG. Complete with pre-generated characters, loads of NPCs, and a rich situation, it can be played on its on or slotted in as part of your ongoing Hot War game.

Issue 2 will be available in print during the second week in October, but you can pre-order it right now.

By pre-ordering you get:

You'll get the PDF package within 24 hours via Dropbox, meaning you get your hands on it before anyone else. The PDF package won't be on general sale until the print version is also available.

Your print copy of the Transmission will be sent out the day we get them from the printers. The hardcopy will not go on general sale until every pre-order has been sent out.

Title: The Hot War Transmission, Volume 1, Issue 2
Authors: Malcolm Craig and Scott Dorward
Illustration & Layout: Paul Bourne
Book size: A5
Pages: 40
Price: £5 (full colour hardcopy and PDF package), $4 (PDF only)
Available to pre-order NOW
Available for general sale in the second week in October 2010

The Hot War Transmission is a quarterly, full colour mini-supplement for Hot War: a game of friends, enemies, secrets, and lies in the aftermath of nuclear war.


Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Sep 22nd 2010

Ching. You have a sale here. The first one is awesome in print and I have high hopes for the second!

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Sep 22nd 2010

I've already had a sneak peek and can say that it's even better than issue 1!

Plus Paul has managed to creep me out with his art yet again - wait till you see the cover...

Posted by: Gary Bowerbank On: Dec 2nd 2010

The Transmission series is of great interest. Is there any indication on whether the sales are increasing as it goes along? Was there initial interest that's died off? Do they sell well as pick up impulse buys via con sales? Have punters subscribed to an "update me when there's a new one" list? Is there such a list?



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