Announcements - Hot War Transmission issue 2 now available to buy

Posted by: Paul On: Oct 12th 2010

The Hot War Transmission is a new, full colour, quarterly mini-supplement for Hot War. Each issue offers a wealth of material designed to help and improve your Hot War games.

Issue 2 of the Hot War Transmission takes a look at the devious, and at times murky, world of politics. Articles in this issue include a look at UK politics prior to the war, scenario nuggets with a political theme, and a look at prominent 1960s politician John Profumo and Enoch Powell and how their lives might have turned out in the world of Hot War.

Scott Dorward presents 'Things Fall Apart', a scenario that delves into the influences on, and machinations within, the SSG. Complete with pre-generated characters, loads of NPCs, and a rich situation, it can be played on its on or slotted in as part of your ongoing Hot War game.

Issue 2 is now available to buy in full colour print and PDF formats. The print version of this 40 page issue is available exclusively from the Contested Ground Studios shop whilst the PDF pack (both full versions and printer friendly versions are included) is available from RPGNow and Drivethru RPG. Over the next few days it will also be available from Indie Press Revolution.

For more info on Issue 2 of the Hot War Transmission click here.

To buy a print copy click here.

To buy a PDF copy click here for RPGNow and here for Drivethru RPG



Posted by: Keith Fyans On: Oct 12th 2010

Any chance of a copy or two being on sale at GiG later this month?

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