Conventions and Events - Dragonmeet 2010

Posted by: Claus On: Oct 28th 2010 edited

No mentioned of Dragonmeet here which is scheduled for 27th November.

Anyone planning on going? Is Collective Endeavour planning to have a stall?

I have selfish reasons for asking as I'm toying with the idea of taking advantage of Lulu's 25% halloween discount to order myself some copies of Trauma to sell at my website and maybe dragonmeet (the coupon code is VAMPIREUK305 for orders of £300+, or GHOST305 for a 20% discount, in case any of you didn't get an email). In addition I'd like to print up some one-page "flyers" to market my first complete roleplaying game "Crimson Exodus" scheduled for early 2011.

I've visited your stall the last couple of years at Dragonmeet and it would be fun to help sell some collective games.

I'm not really sure I can make much profit from this so I'm doing it mostly for the experience. If I order 25 books it would work out at £9.84 per book, which if I sell at £16 (it usually sells at £16.40 on lulu) means I'd break even at 16 books and if I sell all 25 I would still only earn £153. If you would consider me sharing your stand could you let me know how much the stand cost would be?

If you want to know about the book (to see if it is worthy) you can download a preview at

Posted by: Neil Gow On: Oct 30th 2010

Hi Claus

Andy and I will be running the Collective Endeavour stall at Dragonmeet this year.

re: you joining us? Drop me a line at and I will fill you in on the details.


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