Announcements - Wordplay Basics released

Posted by: Newt Newport On: Oct 31st 2010 edited

Hi all,

I've released the core system behind Wordplay the Big Five as a standalone non-illustrated 150 page Pdf in 6" x 9" format via

(it will released as low cost softcover via lulu in a week or two after I get the proof back)

What might interest publishers/game designers here is that Graham Spearing, the game's author made the entire text of Wordplay available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales license. Which basically means that as long as you credit Graham with author ship of Wordplay, you are free to write supplments and base whole games off it. Heck you can even publish the core rules as is, using Wordplay in its title. All this is gone into more detail on the third page of the pdf. It was always Graham's intention that a CC version of Wordplay was made available and he is happy that I've gone ahead and done this.

Also of note is the fact that Wordplay the Big Five, the fully illustrated version of the game with four minisettings known as Themes, is available via Lulu and at a £5 discount (so £15 print/£5 pdf) until the end of October (that's tommorrow folks ;) ).

D101 games will continue to make Wordplay availble in both the Basics and Big Five versions, as well as developing standlone games based off it and supporting it with a series of adventure/settings under the banner of Adventures in Wordplay (the first of which should be available in the next couple of weeks). If you are interested in writing for the game, but don't want to self-publish I am happy to consider publishing under the d101 banner. I'm already working with one author on a self contained game and another on an adventure for Adventures in Wordplay. Contact me at

Finally here's a quick summary of the system.

Wordplay is very easy to play and has been designed to be played with
any created setting or genre that you wish to explore.

The game features the following:

• Free flowing character creation, allowing a player to describe their alterego in the game and use those descriptions as Traits (which are then split between Body, Mind and Soul categories)

• A dice building game. Describe what your character is doing and make use of as many advantages as you can to build as large a hand or pool of dice as possible.

• Roll your dice and count up your successes and the highest total
wins, only the dice that land on the table count!

• Create goals for your character and drive them forward to succeed.

Instead of numerous complicated rules, Wordplay provides story telling opportunities that are translated into dice for your characters.
The game is meant to be rules light, open and encourages players to give vivid descriptions that build a shared, character focussed, story.
Wordplay requires traditional six sided dice to play and many of them!

This plain text Basic edition of the game, gives you the core system which is everything you need to play the game except your imagination and a hand full of dice.

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