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Posted by: Neil Gow On: Nov 20th 2010

I was waiting for the latest WoW patch to load yesterday and I decided to do some spring cleaning on my PC, deleting old files that were no longer needed etc.

I stumbled across two things - one was the written up system for MI:666, the precursor in design terms to D&H. It's utter crap. I mean really really crap.

I did however come across some quickly typed up notes for a resolution system I had in mind for a high fantasy game of dragon riding barbarians zooming around rocky aeries which are the remnants of a broken world, now floating in the Void. I was reading it on the Metro this morning and its quite cool. Hugely derivative but still quite cool.

I may well give it some more love.

Have you got something buried somewhere that could be unearthed?
Whats hiding on your hard-drive?

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Nov 20th 2010

I write everything in small hardback notebooks and have them all on my shelf still. I occasionally go rooting through them in search of something and come across something entirely different.

Recent rediscoveries include:

The 24 hour rpg I wrote one insomniac and slightly delerious night (I was coming down with flu) called Tempus Fugitives, about time travellers battling time nazis by deliberately trying to fuck time up. The system is a slightly bonkers d12 weirdness, but the basic premise is quite good.

One Giant Leap, my rpg/boardgame hybrid about space exploration, vaguely inspired by space epics where things go wrong such as 2001 and Sunshine. Not sure why it'd need to be a boardgame, and not sure it'd work either, but there we go.

Anyone else got buried half-finished games or premises?


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