Games Design - Cluedo Mash-up

Posted by: Iain McAllister On: Nov 21st 2010

I know we mostly talk about RPGs here but we have dabbled with board and card game discussions as well. To that end I thought I would draw this interesting little nugget to your attention.

Over on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun PC site they have a column called Cardboard Children that talks about board games. This week they are issuing a challenge that is basically to take cluedo, throw away the rules and then make a new game using its components and adding a few of your own. You can find the article here:

Cluedo Mash-up

I have a couple of ideas myself so am probably going to submit something. It should be an interesting games design challenge, and I am hoping to keep the basic elements of cluedo in place and build on them with a new theme.



Posted by: Joe Prince On: Nov 21st 2010

I think Elizabeth Shoemaker already did this with Murderland

But then Again I heard all her games are cobblers

Boom boom

why did she have to get married and ruin my PUNishmets...

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Nov 23rd 2010

Probably the funnest game of Cluedo (Clue) that I've played was with a home-brewed set in Western Mass.

The rooms were all re-labelled to belong to the occupants of the house we were playing in. All the housemates were the characters (e.g. Phoebe replaced Miss Scarlet, Wheeler was there in place of Professor Plum) and the weapons were localised too (e.g. nailgun, chainsaw).

Alas, I have nothing wise to say on repurposing Cluedo to use the same components but different rules.

Murderland is available on the unstore, by the way, for a mere $5.

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