Games Design - [Swords of the Skull Takers] Solo RPG

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jan 7th 2011

Hey dudes

Not sure if any of you have seen the solitaire RPG challenge, but I'm working on a game - which I also submitted for the Ronnies. Check it out on my website, 'cos if you've no-one to play with you can play with yourself!

Gotta dash -

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Jan 7th 2011

Nice to see you, to see you...

Downloaded and read through. I'll give this a go at the weekend.

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jan 8th 2011

Coolio. I need to finish my game - I've found the book of light and met a surviving bright wizard but am now grievously wounded. I managed to fight off a three wave attack without taking a scratch though- yeah!

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Jan 8th 2011

John Connor died in a sewer he was hiding in outside West LA on Night 4. Some T-800 Skull-Takers did him in after he gave away his position (knew I shouldn't have boosted that Saab 900 at the mall).

Humanity is doomed. Anyone finding his journal does get a Queen of Coins card though (useful for building barricades if you commit to doing it, rather than tooling around uselessly at the country club as Connor did).

I'll try and scan the journal on Monday.

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Jan 12th 2011

I think I made a mistake on the last day (Day 4) where I should have got a Weapon. Oh well, I liken it to turning to the wrong page in a Fighting Fantasy book or missing a chance for a Saving Throw at the table.

Actual Play (multipage TIFF, ~256 kB)

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Jan 12th 2011

My error posting here actually. I did it right on Day 4.

I got the Weapon card on Day 4 and I then gambled it to try and get a Major Boon (when quite badly injured). I got stiffed by the cards (I pulled a Page which was the same as the Page card I was gambling with). Oh well, that's why we play the games!

John Connor RIP

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jan 25th 2011

Apologies for being so slow to reply!

As I mentioned on the Forge, day 4 Gregor should have got a major boon, which may have prolonged JC's life...But the journal he created was so cool I wouldn't want to change it! I'm super pleased that an AP has created such a cool artefact.

I've got an updated version of Skull-Takers (0.3) on my website.

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