Conventions and Events - Games for charity at Conception

Posted by: Graham W On: Jan 8th 2011

At Conception, I'm selling games for charity. One of them is Sea Dracula, another is my Cthulhu Dark.

I'm basically after things I can print out on a laser printer and sell for two to five pounds.

Anyway, I wondered if you had anything you wanted to contribute.

Posted by: Graham W On: Jan 13th 2011

I've just received a bunch of Hell 4 Leather from Joe. Thanks, Joe, that's wonderful.

If anyone else has any one-page or two-page games they wouldn't mind me selling, as a one-off for charity, I'd be grateful.

Posted by: Matt On: Jan 14th 2011

Graham, if you wanted to print a few copies of Bedlam out (some reformatting probably needed), you are welcome to.

Posted by: James Mullen On: Jan 14th 2011

Graham, if you think there's anything on Groundhoggoth that you think you can get people to pay money for, I'll give you full permission to print and sell them at Conception 2011, on the understanding that the full proceeds from each sale go to a registered charity and that you announce which charities are benefitting before the games go on sale. That would be jolly good. :)

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