Games Design - [Eternal Contenders] First glimpse of cover art!

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jan 25th 2011

Tazio suggested going for a classic Capcom feel to convey the Darkstalkers/ Soul Calibre vibe. Check it out - I've got a signature character for each fighting style!

Posted by: Keith Fyans On: Jan 27th 2011


Posted by: Sebastian Hickey On: Jan 28th 2011

Ah Tazio! What a legend. I'm excited by the Eternal Contenders project. Where can I find out more?

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jan 31st 2011

Best place to ask is here I guess!
Eternal Contenders is essentially Contenders 2nd ed with a fantasy/gladiatorial slant and greatly expanded mechanics - including fighting styles and more special moves. Fire away with any questions, comments or feedback.

If anyone would care for a playtest version then drop me an email.

I'll get some sort of webpage up when I get round to it...

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