Conventions and Events - Regiment of Pick-Up Gamers Wanted! (Scottish Central Belt)

Posted by: Shaheen On: Feb 2nd 2011

Want to meet new like-minded gamers and new gaming groups?

I am looking for other people who would be willing to offer themselves up as gamers to gaming groups. I'm looking for board gamers, role-players, live-action role-players, collectable-card gamers and war gamers! If you play these games, no matter how new or old you are to gaming - I NEED YOU!

I want gamers based around the central belt of Scotland, which means just about anywhere that's within driving distance of Glasgow or Edinburgh, who are willing to travel around the central belt to play these games as necessary. These games will be with people outside your normal gaming groups, meaning you will meet lots of different like-minded new friends-to-be!

These games will be pick-up games meaning the groups will need you as a player. These groups could be anything from a local gaming group at a strangers house to an established university gaming society to a once-a-year convention. You won't be alone in this as I have a small group of PUGs already who are looking to get some solid gaming on.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, or sounds like something someone you know might be interested in, please get in touch or join us at our Facebook group ... 00208&ap=1

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Posted by: Shaheen On: Apr 22nd 2012

Update: We now have a number of useful resources for Scottish gamers, particularly regarding information on what's going on in Scotland. The facebook group Central Belt Pick-Up Gamers includes online resources of maps of gamer groups and gaming vendors and a gaming events calendar that aims to cover all of the upcoming events in Scotland, both found below:

The number of resources available to gamers is only going to increase as I work on them and other help me input their details in but ultimately I need your help to do that. I would be much obliged if you are on Facebook and signed up to Central Belt PUGs.
Thanks for reading :)

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