Conventions and Events - Need a Gamer? (Scottish Central Belt)

Posted by: Shaheen On: Feb 2nd 2011

Got a gaming idea but no people to play it?
Need more regular players or simply for a one-off game?

As you may have seen from my earlier post, I want to unite gamers around the Scottish central belt.

If you want to game, be it boardgames, war games, collectable card games, role-play games or a live action role-play game, and need more players, then I would really like to hear from you to put you in touch with like-minded gamers.

Please drop me a private message if you are interested. Thanks!

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Feb 4th 2011

I'm not sure we have a private message function, so best just reply here.

Posted by: Matt On: Feb 5th 2011

Vanilla has inline private messages, or "Whispers", so yeah, reply here but if you want it to be private use the whisper to field.

I'd also suggest posting to Story Games or RPG.NET or UKRoleplayers (depending on preference) as our audience here is a bit niche!

Posted by: Shaheen On: Feb 5th 2011

I got on UKRoleplayers last night - I'll check out Story games and RPG.NET.

Thanks for the help guys!

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