Conventions and Events - Conpulsion (25-27 March 2011) - Edinburgh

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Feb 16th 2011 edited

Conpulsion is coming around again soon.

It will be in the Teviot Union (Bristo Square) in Edinburgh from 25 (Fri night) to 27 (Sun night) March. Admission is £15 for the weekend, £10 for a day, or £5 for a Special Event ticket (such as the Ceilidh, Art Workshop or non-gaming partner ticket).

Main Guests will be Charlie Stross (The Laundry novels, multiple HUGO Award winner) and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (The Laundry, Primeval, Traveller, Paranoia, Dragon Warriors).

Artists Scotty Neil, Jon Hodgson and Andy Hepworth will be there too.

And we'll also have Graham Bottley (Arion Games: Maelstrom, Advanced Fighting Fantasy) and Chris Baylis (Games Gazette).

Lots of events up on the website including the Art Workshop, Embraced Vampire LARP and a dining-room full of demo games (like Wings of War, Warcraft CCG, Hordes, etc.).

The Committee Room will be the "Indie Ghetto" for the weekend. Come along there if you want to play a variety of non-trad games. The sort of games that will be on tap are: Hell 4 Leather, Hell For Leather, Cold City, Duty & Honour, 3:16, Hot War, Dead of Night, Sorcerer, Labyrinths & Lycanthropes, Best Friends, Contenders, S/Lay w/Me, Solipsist, It Was a Mutual Decision, Beat To Quarters, Trollbabe, Remember Tomorrow, shock: social science fiction, Breaking The Ice, Mars Colony, Spione, kill puppies for satan, and more. We'll also be open to playtesting if that's what people want to do!

Check out!

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Feb 16th 2011

Looking forward to it!

Do you think it's worth me trying to organise a PWBR mini-tourney?

Posted by: misterecho On: Feb 16th 2011

I always wanted to go to this, but i'm always far too busy. I live relatively near so no excuse!

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Feb 17th 2011

It would be good to see you there, err, misterecho (you've got a real name, right?). Do come along to the Indie Ghetto if you make it and say hello.

Joe: yes, I would be in for a Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale mini-tourney. Pick a time and we can advertise it.

I'd like to see a Royal Rumble style thing where we start with two and new people come in every turn. Get pinned and you're out! Could do a draw for which order we come into the ring.

Posted by: Sebastian Hickey On: Feb 17th 2011

Really looking forward to it guys.

Posted by: Shaheen On: Feb 20th 2011

Me too! Can't wait!

Is there an itinerary of events on the go? I'd like to plan my gamery!

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Feb 26th 2011

The main gaming at the convention is on Saturday on Sunday. The con opens at 9am on both days, with main RPG slots running 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm.

The Indie Ghetto is in the Committee Room both days, with exclusive use from 9am to 7pm.

I talked with Malcolm about it last night and, having done Indie Games Tracks and so on at a variety of cons, we think that running in line with the main slots is a good idea.

So... at 10am we'll get people together to pick games and we'll start at 10:30am. Aiming to finish at about 1pm for lunch.

We'll then meet again at 3pm to pick games and start at 3:30pm running through to 6pm (or maybe a bit later).

We find it works best if everyone who wants to facilitate games has three or so that they can run. We find out which ones people want to play and match players up with games available.

Malcolm might have Mechaton with him (a Lego wargame) and Joe Prince has said he'll have Pro-Wrasslin Battle Royale (a card game), so it's not restricted to RPGs by any means.

I'm going to try and have a Kill Puppies... scenario/situation written up for then and maybe people will want to play it.


Indie Ghetto: Basics

Slots at 10am and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday in the Committee Room.

Posted by: Shaheen On: Feb 26th 2011

Lego Wargaming? That could just be the best thing ever!

Posted by: Per Fischer On: Feb 26th 2011 edited

I think I slid of the Conpulsion mailing list - anyone else involved in the Indie Ghetto? What about Pooka? Joe?

Edit: Oh, and I see the ghetto is not mentioned on the con website. Well...

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Feb 27th 2011

Hi Per

I've added the notes to the website under the RPGS tab.

I don't think there is a Conpulsion mailing list.

Sandy, who is organising the con this year, has been very open to approaches from anyone this year. I think we'll see an increased number of LARPs because of this open-ness, where LARPers have taken the opportunity to be genuinely involved. There will also be more wargaming too for similar reasons.

Everyone is welcome to the con, and especially the Indie Games Ghetto. Sandy has set aside a room for our exclusive use and I hope we make good use of it.

Posted by: Per Fischer On: Feb 27th 2011

OK, thanks - I think there was a Facebook group or something some time back, but it might have been a one-off.

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Feb 27th 2011

Ah, ha. Yes! I think Jo is the admin for the Facebook group, but she's been in New Zealand with Alan for the last month.

The link on the group points to the site, though. Colour posters are now stamped by EUSA and have started to go up on University noticeboards today.

Is there anything you think we'll need for the Indie room? Should I mail around some people? I was going to mention it to the Glasgow Indie Gamers on Monday night.

Posted by: Per Fischer On: Feb 27th 2011

We can take it by email - I think Pooka is coming along, though not sure if he's indie-rooming games. I'm not sure if I am either, as I missed last year due to other commitments :)

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Mar 10th 2011

Don't miss out on getting the Faceless playbook for Apocalypse World at the con. We'll have it in print and PDF (by leaving your e-mail addy, I'll mail them out each night).

Thanks to Vincent for being such a good friend to the con!

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