Games Design - Not So Much Games Design But Useful

Posted by: Shaheen On: Feb 21st 2011

For those who haven't already seen this guide on how to run a game, having downloaded the PDF, I think this is really good:

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Feb 22nd 2011

Hello Shaheen

300 pages of "Gamesmastering Advice", wow! But help me out here.

As an example, can you pick some single specific technique, or piece of advice, in that text and how it's helped you out?

There are a lot of technqiues and advice that I don't find useful. I'm fairly sure that some of them are in that PDF. On the other hand I'm very open to the idea that there's good stuff in there too. So if you could help me find some diamonds in the rough from your own experience that would be very useful.

Posted by: Shaheen On: Feb 23rd 2011

The contents page is really accurate in breaking things down if you're having a recurring issue to smooth over in your game. In that regard I felt that this book is a really good go-to guide.

I particularly liked Chapter 4 as it reinforced ideologies I held already regarding gaming whilst throwing me some new ideas into the mix.

I felt there was some bias towards Dungeons and Dragons style gaming in the book and everything that entailed from dice based systems to adventure style gaming. This was a minor point though as I could take most of the advice and put it into most other gaming contexts.

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