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Posted by: Greg On: May 10th 2011

Hi All,

Just thought I'd pop up and show you the cover from Paul B for my new game which is coming at GenCon from C7, though there's a possibility of some copies at the expo. It's a 're-imagining' of Ruby. Cheers to Malc for pointing me in the direction of a thread where Paul Czege (and it turns out Ron Edwards) say nice thngs about Ruby - it insprired me to do a 'proper job' with the setting. It's a re-imagining because I've changed a lot of the key concepts considerably. It also uses the D6 engine. I can supply more details if anyone is interested. Anyway, here's that nice cover...


Greg S

Posted by: Sebastian Hickey On: May 11th 2011

That's really gorgeous. There's a lovely sense of movement and weight. I'm interested in this game. Is it a one shot, is it GM-scarce, is it a pick-up game? Where can I find out more?

Posted by: Greg On: May 11th 2011

Cheers, Paul did his usual top job.

Easiest is to read the following:

Happy to answer any questions you have!

Posted by: Greg On: Jul 21st 2011

Hi all,

My new game 'In Flames' is now available from DriveThruRPG at:

There's also a link to a spiffy review there too! And the print copy that débuts at GenCon can be pre-ordered from Cubicle 7:

Finally, you can see some 15mm sculpts I have done for In Flames here:



Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Jul 21st 2011

I really like how you work the miniatures in there, Greg. As with Wildfire and Matt's Pulp it's a fruitful area where small games designers can work with independent figure manufacturers.

The cover looks awesome and I'll look out for the book at the big show (which is fast approaching!).

Posted by: Greg On: Jul 21st 2011

I got very lucky there. Most of the art in the game is property of Jason at Micropanzer Wargames. I signed an agreement where I got to use his stunning concept art, he got ownership of one of my skirmish wargames rulesets to publish for his minis. Everyone's a winner! Plus he's casting up my own sculpts, which is cool.

Enjoy the Con!

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