Games Design - The Agency (Reactivated) - playtest and pre-readers needed

Posted by: Matt On: Jul 2nd 2011

Hey Folks,

I have a new version of The Agency, which I've been working on since a flash of inspiration earlier in the year. It's at the stage where I'd like some folks to take a look at it and play it some more.

It's sitting on Google docs. So ping me here or via other contact channels if you would like to take a look at this somewhat living document.

For those who don't know the spiel:

The Agency is a roleplaying game where players take on the roles of 60?s secret agents fighting the supernatural. It’s Austin Powers meets Buffy the Vampire slayer, or the Avengers and Hammer Horror. Full of glorious technicolor, eccentric spies, nefarious villains and weird occurrences. A world where a union-jack waistcoat is the height of spywear and this message may self destruct…

This version takes the same basic principles of the old edition and adds on a few tweaks, plus a heavily 3:16 inspired threat system.



Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Jul 6th 2011

I'd be happy to take a look Matt!

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jul 13th 2011

Can you fire me over a copy please Matt. I can't get that google thing to work.

Posted by: Matt On: Jul 13th 2011

Oh, I think I sent you a plus invite when they had limited them due to oversubscribing...

I've shared the doc with you on Google Docs, but it that doesn't work then I'll use old fashioned attachments.

And thanks!

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