Site Admin - GUGS Conflagration

Posted by: Shaheen On: Sep 12th 2011

Initial news on GUGS's Conflagration is up!

Anyone else going?

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Sep 20th 2011

I will be there for sure.

Is there anything you are keen to play there? If so, let's work something out in advance. Or are you running stuff at the con?

Posted by: Shaheen On: Sep 26th 2011

I don't think I'm running anything at the Con. I haven't been approached to and I haven't asked to be honest! :P However, I'm about to start the process of making a bunch of one-shots for another project I've got going as a kind of gapfill to other games so if there's a need for it I'd be open to running one of those.

As for games there, again I've no idea! I'm waiting to see what games come up. Most of all I'd love to Roleplay at the convention. I'd like to meet up with new roleplayers and see what's new and exciting that I haven't already played. I'm a little behind the rest of the scene.

I'd also be eager to see a big game of Werewolves of Miller Hollow done there in an atmosphere room and would be happy to run that too.

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