Conventions and Events - [UKGE 2012] UK Games Expo (2012) results

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: May 28th 2012

Here's the tale of the tape from UK Games Expo 2012. Short version: Good Sales!

Product: Sales (Income)
Chronicles of Skin: 14 (£182)
Chronicles... Skin Pad: 4 (£16)
Hell 4 Leather: 2 (£8)
Memories & Madness: 3 (£30)
Pulp: 2 (£12)
Ravendeath: 3 (£27)
Remember Tomorrow: 5 (£30)
The Agency: 5 (£75)
Three Sixteen: 1 (£10)

Total Sales: £390
Booth Fee: £105 (27%)
Items Sold: 39 (at an average of £10 exactly)

So congratulations everybody! That is a great result. When you think about the rate that RPGnow (say) takes for a sale (35%) you can see that selling at UKGE at 27% is a pretty good

Very nice to see 14 sales for Chronicles (above 10 is a very good showing) and 5s for The Agency and Remember Tomorrow. I think Memories would have had at least 5 if we'd had enough copies, but not a lot we could do about that -- it sold out on Day One!

Anyway, next year the con is moving to a bigger venue -- and with over 3k attending over two days it certainly is growing enough to justify this.

Posted by: Iain McAllister On: May 28th 2012

Good stuff guys. Hope to be along next year myself. What is Ravendeath?

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: May 29th 2012

Ravendeath is an Italian original design by Iacopo Frigerio about revenge, murder and vendettas. It was released in Italian at Lucca and the English translation is literally just out -- we had the first copies at UK Games Expo.

Coyote Press have translated Covenant, Contenders, Cold City and Hot War into Italian for UK Designers, and they don't just translate games into Italian they publish their own stuff too.

You can but it on Drive Thru RPG and RPGNow:

"a very stylish RPG" - Jason Morningstar

From the blurb: A indie role playing game to create stories about Vendetta. There are no limits or time setting or story in this game, but only one constant, the Revenge. Son of the comic strip of the Crow, this game was developed over 3 years to allow you to play any revenge story, from the Greek tragedies to the classic Kill Bill, from The Count of Monte Cristo to Old Boy. The mechanics eliminate the figure of the game master distributing this role to all the role players at the table which, in turn, will have to manage the role of Screenwriter of the Chapter. Taking a cue from the movie Kill Bill, the phase of play is divided into chapters each of which deals with antagonists to exact revenge on. Comparisons between the protagonist and his antagonists, PNG or managed by them, will be addressed through a Confrontation Board. Simply rolling the dice and placing them on the table, will help determine who among the players will have a right and duty to narrate the scene of the narrating themes allowing you to add more hands to the development of the story. The simple explanation of the rules and advice in the manual allows a quick understanding of the mechanics and an easy to learn game mechanism ensuring that the players will be able to self-manage. The game can be easily completed in 3-4 hours, but finds its expression in taking advantage of a game session for each chapter, that a session of play for each player. The recommended number of players is 3 to 6.

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Jun 1st 2012

As usual, Games Expo was great - it's a well established part of the convention calendar and continues to impress me with how well organised it is. Not to mention the diversity of attendees and traders that you just don't get elsewhere. I hope it successfully transfers to the larger, but more remote venue.

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Jun 1st 2012

Oh and the way we calculated share of the booth cost worked well too - I don't know why we didn't do that sooner! Glad you were in charge of the maths though Gregor, it hurt my head to try to do sums at the weekend.

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