Conventions and Events - Nerd East 2012 (oh yeah, and I'm back...)

Posted by: Neil Gow On: Jun 9th 2012

First off, the travails of becoming a lecturer have passed, OFSTED have been seen and dismissed and life is returning to normality. With that in mind, the doors of Omnihedron Games are reopening and stuff will happen.

Part of this second phase of the project has involved becoming more involved in the local con scene and supporting that through some extra publicity and whatever else I can. The North East is not known for its cons at all, so anything I can do will help! Its also allowed me to strike at markets outside of the UKRPG Diaspora.

Today was NerdEast, a LARP/RPG con ran by the Durham University Treasure Trap folks. I have to say, as a con it was very nicely ran, with games, talks, tournaments and LARP stuff throughout the day. I contributed a talk on games publishing which was really a Q&A regarding playtesting, publishing and other such stuff.

Sales at the con were very slow to start. Very slow - and for some stalls, there was no sale all day which was disheartening. However, in the last hour is skyrocketed and in the end, it was rather sweet.


D&H/BtQ Bundle (3) - £105
D&H (1) - £12
BtQ (3) - £39

Total sales: £159
Stall cost: £15

So all in all, very nice. I also made some contacts with a local card manufacturer, some local games shops and a couple of uni games societies ... and I might actually get the books into Travelling Man soon!

There was one moment of sad comedy that reminded me that its been a while... My new spangly stand-up banner that many of you will have seen on Facebook is very eyecatching. So eyecatching that if it is placed on the left of a stall, where the flow is right to left, the punters look at the bloody banner and then their eyefall is passed the stall and they move on. What a plonker I am!

Anyway, a very decent day was had.

Posted by: Matt On: Jun 11th 2012

Welcome back!

Sounds pretty good, if nerve-inducing in the lateness of sales.

Who were the local card manufacturer?

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