Conventions and Events - Conpulsion 2013 how was it for you?

Posted by: Newt Newport On: Apr 29th 2013 edited

So I think I've recovered from the sheer mind blowing awesome that was Conpulsion 2013 (Edinburgh Uni April 12th-14th). Big shout out to Joe Murphy for sorting out the accommodation, a lovely shared apartment, and for Neil Gow for putting up with my snoring :)

It was great to meet up with pretty much the entire CE gang on Friday. I got a good load of practical advice on a variety of subjects, which is highly useful since D101 games has kinda grown out of control and I need to trim the fat. Neil (Gow) was especially useful to bounce ideas of - and I've come away and already started to implement them. Definitely by next Conpulsion, if not before, D101 should be a meaner leaner beast :)

I only had a day at the con proper, family woes cut short my stay on Sunday, but boy did I have a great time. Three absolute corkers of game, two run by me and a fantastic game of Monster Hearts with Neil in the evening. And of course with the games only being 3 hours long there was plenty of time to catch up with folk and have a natter.

Finally Joe's and Malc's demo game of Mobile Frame Zero was hugely impressive (and the intricacy of it convinced me its not a game for kids under the age of 20 ;) ) and inspirational. I think I'll pencil in Sunday next year as war gaming day. Just got to decide which would be less offensive to the missus, loads of Lego or loads of the new Mad knight Castings Minis to support their upcoming Gloranthan Skirmish game.

Maximum thanks to Phil Harris & Greggor and the rest of the organising committee, esp Craig Oxbrow who sorted out the RPGs. Conpulsion is definitely set in stone as my 1st con of the year!

So how did everyone else find it?

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