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Posted by: Matt On: May 10th 2013

I realised recently that Google+ has become my RPG hangout of choice over the last few years. With The Agency to promote and The Queen's Men on the horizon I realised that my awareness of the places to watch, read, and so on are horribly out of date. My favourite podcasts (Sons of Kryos and Have games will travel) have literally not put out an episode in years and my RSS feed has rather too many dead blogs on.

While I've discovered a few places (Purple Pawn, GMS magazine) via Twitter. I'm keen to know what gaming media is good these days. What should I know about?

Obviously this is with an eye to promotion, but anything interesting I'd love to know about too.

Posted by: Newt Newport On: May 17th 2013 does me fine. Its a nice balance between players, refs and game designers. The board's owner/moderator Dave McAllistar does a fine job of making sure grown men/women do not behave like duelling 15 year olds in the playground.

Only draw back from a promotional basis is of course that it only reaches a tiny proportion of the UK market and completely misses the international. However it is a good place to recruit folk to champion your game on the UK con circuit.

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