Publishing Advice - [CGS] Q4 2009 and 2009 Total Sales

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Feb 12th 2010

Slightly late on this one, but here here are the CGS sales for Q4 2009 and 2009 as a whole year. Hopefully this might provide a useful data point on the sales progression of different products throughout their lifetime.

Q4 2009 Sales

Sales of Cold City and Hot War were boosted during Q4 by our Cold War Sale, set to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


IPR: 4
Direct: 3
Con: 1
PDF: 5

Total: 13
Lifetime Total: N/A
Cold City**

IPR: 19
Direct: 26
Con: 4
PDF: 29

Total: 78
Lifetime Total: 1546

Hot War

IPR: 33
Direct: 46 (20 hardback)
Con: 11 (7 hardback)
PDF: 28

Total: 118
Lifetime Total: 910

2009 Total Sales

One thing to remember about the total sales for 2009 is that there was a significant downturn in the amount of marketing activity we undertook. This was mainly due to my being in NZ and concentrating heavily on my thesis. However, this does demonstrate that with a strong brand build over a number of years, a small drip feed of promotional activity, and the continued and enthusiastic support of the Collective Endeavour (and stalwarts such as Scott Dorward) in the UK, sales can be sustained at a very reasonable level.


IPR: 28
Direct: 8
Con: 3
PDF: 28

Total: 67

Cold City

IPR: 98
Direct: 73
Con: 24
PDF: 88

Total: 283

Hot War

IPR: 160
Direct: 96
Con: 48
PDF: 111

Total: 415

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