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I'm delighted to announce that, with effect from tomorrow, 15th November, Continuum 2010 is open for registrations.

The event is to be held at John Foster Hall, University of Leicester, from Friday 2nd July 2010, until Monday 5th July 2010. The registration pricing is as follows:

Early Bird Registration (15th November 2009 - 1st April): £20
Standard Reg (1st April onwards): £25
En-Suite Room per night: £45
En-Suite for 3 Nights: £120

There are two ways to register:

Via Paypal. Our email address for Paypal payments is Please include the following:

Your name
Number of nights accommodation required, and the nights you'll be staying
Any special rooming requirements (ie, I want be next door to X, Y or Z)

Don't forget that, in addition to the room cost you need to include your registration fee. Thus, a single night would cost £20+£45 = £65. Registration is a fixed fee for the whole weekend - so you don't need to pay a registration fee for each night you need.

Twin rooms are very limited in numbers, but en-suite rooms - and all single rooms are en-suite - are plentiful and comfortable.

If you wish to register by snail mail, a registration form will be made available shortly and we will accept cheque payments. The address to send a paper registration to is:

53 Stepping Lane

We look forward to welcoming you to Continuum 2010 - The Year the Con Made Contact!

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John Foster Hall Manor Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 2LG, is part of the University of Leicester's halls of residence.
Completed in October 2006, this is a brand new building with modern conference facilities.

The amphitheatre in front of the main Conference Building

The good thing is that we will have a greater number of en suite bedrooms to offer our membership along with more conference space to use for gaming rooms.

The conference organisers at the University of Leicester have sent us these publicity photos of the venue and they do look fantastic!

The Conference Building entrance foyer. Note the plasma screen.

The Swithland & Tilton conference room. Note the sliding partition that makes it two rooms.

The Oakham & Rothley conference room. Note the sliding partition that makes it two rooms.

The Main Dining Hall.

The Bar!

See some more photos here:

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Accommodation at John Foster Hall.

I thought I would go through and mention about the accommodation we have at John Foster Hall for Continuum 2010.
The Conference Facilities Building is centred amongst the new and very modern development that consists of several pavilion style accommodation blocks.
Each pavilion block is four-stories high and each floor contains two flats.
Each flat has four or five single occupancy en suite bedrooms and a shared kitchen and lounge.
This means that a group of five friends can share a flat together as they share the communal space together but also five strangers can occupy a flat as each bedroom has its own key.

The kitchen is fully functional with fridge/freezer, microwave, electric oven, electric kettle, iron, ironing boards, vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, and there may be a selection of cutlery and crockery. There is also a large kitchen table with five chairs as well as plenty of worktop space for food preparation. A full list of contents will be posted nearer the time of the convention.
Some of the kitchens may not be fully stocked with all the items due to natural shrinkage with contact with the students.

Just off the kitchen is the lounge area. The lounge has a large window lets in plenty of daylight. There are five comfy lounge chairs and a small coffee table making this a nice place to relax in. There are ten chairs in total in the kitchen/lounge making it very useful for running games in, you can either be in the lounge or around the table in the kitchen. There is plenty of space to move about, even for those of us who are 'standard gamer size'!
With each flat having this extra space ideal for gaming this opens up the possibility that more games can be ran during the convention. Just book the time and space with your flatmates first. Advertise your game with pavilion name and flat number and your gamers can arrive at your pavilion and ring your doorbell to be let in. Or just run the game for all your flatmates, whether you know them or not, simple!

You will be issued a set of keys when you register at the main reception desk in the Conference Facilities Building. The main key will open the door to your flat as well as your own bedroom door. The little key will open the post box in the pavilion entrance foyer and the key fob itself will open the main door to the pavilion electronically. The flats are numbered 1 to 8 while the bedrooms in each flat are lettered A to E.

All accommodation will be single occupancy bedrooms with en suite bathroom. You will be issued a set of towels and some basic toiletries but you will need to bring with you your own wash kits, bathrobes and other personal hygiene items. The bathroom will have toilet roll and the single bed will have fresh bed sheets, two pillows with fresh pillowcases and a duvet with bedspread.
There is a desk in your bedroom with built-in drawers, shelves by the window, a desk lamp, mini-kettle with a small selection of tea/coffee condiments, two power sockets, a phone, and an Internet connection. We do not currently have a list of the charges for using the phone or connecting to the Internet as yet.
Next to the desk is a medium-sized wardrobe with space to hang clothes as well as plenty of shelves to store folded clothes or other items.
The en suite bathroom, consisting of toilet, washbasin and shower cubicle, is located as you enter the bedroom. It has its own lockable door and is light and airy.

The good thing about this accommodation is that it is brand new. Very little wear & tear would have happened over the two years that it has been opened and even students will treat things better when they are new!

The front of the Pavilion [accommodation blocks]. Each has a wide path to the doorway and has plenty of lush growth between each of the pavilions. There is also plenty of car parking nearby.

The front door of one the pavilions. The main door is nice and wide for easy access.

Door bells to each of the flats in the pavilion. The key fob on your room keys will open the pavilion door electronically.

The post boxes for the flats. The small key on your room keys will open your flat’s post box.

The entrance foyer of the pavilion. Note the lift for easy access to the higher floors avoiding all those stairs.

The inside of the lift. Plenty of space to get your luggage in and up to your room.

The inside of one of the bedrooms. A single bed with a bedside table unit and light. A set of towels with basic toiletries will be waiting you on arrival.

The desk in one of the bedrooms. There is a desk lamp, a phone, mini-kettle with tea/coffee condiments, an Internet connection, and two power sockets.

The mini-kettle and tea/coffee condiments on the desk. Just bring extra if you drink many a cuppa.

The inside of the wardrobe in the bedroom. Plenty of space for all your clothes [and all those frocks for the freeforms!]

The en suite bathroom with shower. The shower cubicle is large with a modern shower unit.

The kitchen and lounge area in one of the flats. Perfect area to socialise with your fellow flat mates as you cook, clean, iron your clothes or have a drink. This is also big enough to host a game in either at the kitchen table or in the lounge area or both! Just reach over to the fridge to get a cold drink or put the kettle on to make a brew.

The kitchen area of the flats as seen from the lounge area. A nice large kitchen table, with five chairs, to eat your meals from or play some excellent games!

The lounge area as seen from the kitchen. Five comfy chairs with a coffee table in the centre. Ideal for a nice and relaxed game?

The fridge/freezer, microwave and electric oven. Plenty of worktop space to prepare your meals and lots of cupboard space for storage.

Everything including the kitchen sink!

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Continuum 2010: Game Highlights

Updated: 8 March 2010-03-08

Here are some of the games already planned for this year’s convention. If your game isn’t listed here then contact Mike at with your game details!

You’ll be able to sign up for these games and lot of others at the convention – they’ll be game signup sheets in the main hallway (outside the dining room).

If you’ve not already booked your ticket and accommodation for Continuum 2010 then go to and get yourself sorted before it’s too late!

Mongoose Living Campaigns!
Continuum is proud to announce the launch of Mongoose Publishing's 'Living Glorantha' campaign at this year's convention. Continuum 2010 will see the launch of Living Glorantha and the continuation of Living Traveller (debuted at Conception 2010). Allowing you bring specially created characters from scenario to scenario, event to event, Living Campaigns aim to emulate the massive online experiences but conducted with the intimacies of the table top. Both Living Traveller and Living Glorantha are intended to be growing, developing, living events in which characters take part in the epic events of the Third Imperium and Glorantha's Imperial Age. These are games for heroes and heroes in the making - saviours of their worlds, or possibly their destroyers.

Join us at Continuum for the birth of a new and dynamic development of immortal Glorantha!

A whole sack o’ Cthulhu! Heaving and squirming like a squamous thing!
Ex Kult of Keepers Rik Kershaw-Moore, Wim van Hove, Keary Birch and Paul Fricker will be orchestrating horror and madness throughout the convention.

Wim van Hove will be running some classic Kult scenarios, and on Saturday night Wim and Rik will be joining forces to run a special version of Milan Conference for 8 players. This scenario has been proven to give players nightmares – you have been warned!

Rik Kershaw-Moore will also be running come Call of Cthulhu games single-handed, as well as the Ghostbusters RPG (Sandy Petersen’s ‘other’ game!) and the uber cool sci-fi pulp that is Spaceship Zero the RPG.

Keary Birch will be bringing his usual chills and spills with a brand new Call of Cthulhu scenario titled – Camp Sunny 2: The Return! Be afraid, be very afraid….

Paul Fricker… well lets just say that Paul will be running an original new scenario using a very special version of the Call of Cthulhu rules (oh, and someone called Mike may be doing the same…)

The Dice are NOT your friends…
Cruel Dice is a brand new rpg system that’s been designed by the creative powerhouse that is Alan Bligh and John French, the lead writers of Warhammer 40KRPG: Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and the soon to released Deathwatch. When not writing about corruption, chaos and Space Marines, Alan and John have been tinkering with Cruel Dice. Be amongst the first to try out the system with two very different scenarios.

Dino-Geddon II: More Awesome! More Destruction! More Action!
Can you handle the raw power of Dino-Geddon? Can you? This year convention attendees are invited to bring their own remote controlled (dinosaur operated) car to face off against the conventions own machines of death. Only the strong survive.

Plus we have a load of other great tabletop rpg action, miniature gaming and live action/freeform gaming – details on all these and more to follow soon!

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Thanks for the info about Continuum, Darran. It sounds like a great event.

The posts above have all the information anyone needs for Continuum, including links to the website for updates, so I think we can close the thread.


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