Announcements - [Hell for Leather] A video tutorial

Posted by: Sebastian Hickey On: Mar 5th 2010

Hello everyone, especially Gregor. Since I dropped in last, I've been up to no good. My game got banned from RPG Net! Oops.

Over on the Forge, Gregor, you asked about die sizes and circle diameters. I've just cooked up a 1 minute video tutorial here. It explains the die mechanic pretty quickly.

I'm looking forward to meeting some of you guys at Conpulsion this year. I'm facilitating a game of HfL on the Saturday afternoon, if anyone's interested.

Gregor, I've got some layout queries for you. I'm particularly interested in figuring out how much text I should be exhibiting in a page. As in, how often to pepper the text with imagery. I'll do up a sample PDF next week, to illustrate my concerns. Maybe you or one of the other guys could take a look.

Joe, can we play your H4L at Conpulsion?


Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Mar 6th 2010 edited

Hi Sebastian

I put a rough mock page layout here, based on yours. The fonts aren't quite right, and I think the font size is too large. You can probably see that by printing a page out with no "fit to page" ticked.

It's here.

I've mirrored the background page image, rotated the graphic slightly and bled it off the page edge. I've used a graphic element streaking across the page in black to highlight text and I've tried making a header. The page numbers should probbaly be on the bottom outside edges of the page.

Try looking at this and at your current layout and see what bits you like/don't like. Feel free to grab any bits you think improve the "look".

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Mar 6th 2010

Just to say that I liked the video, and it reminded me of watching the Real Hustle on how to make money at Backgammon.

Posted by: Sebastian Hickey On: Mar 6th 2010

Hi Gregor,

That's really generous of you. I dig the black streak element and the extra stain you've put on the first page. Plus your header is really smart. Me likey. I'll have a go at using these bits.

Back soon (-ish).

P.S. Really glad you liked the video.

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Mar 9th 2010

Most informative!

Yeah I'm looking forward to both flavours of Hell f4r Leather at Conpulsion.

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