Announcements - Stuff to Watch March 2010

Posted by: Matt On: Mar 6th 2010

A nice article on ebook and book design useful if you're considering ipad or whatever other reader as a delivery channel.

More of the same in this video from Wired on their new emag design

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Mar 23rd 2010

There's an excellent discussion ongoing about The Right To Dream started by Simon Carrier (whose game On Mighty Thews is in development).

It's the sort of thread that is just good to sit back and read (lest there are too many cooks spoiling the broth!). I'm pretty much nodding along to Eero, Lance and Frank in my understanding of it.

Posted by: Matt On: Mar 24th 2010 edited

Nine Worlds is now free

Posted by: Matt On: Mar 25th 2010 edited

The UK's national archives have put some no known copyright stuff on Flickr.

Some pretty neat early 20th century stuff that would make Cthulhu/Roach/Hot War props, I liked the Cricket in the Blitz

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Mar 25th 2010 edited

Continuing the photographic theme, I'd heartily recommend checking out the photography of Edward Burtynsky (and the excellent documentary Manufactured Landscapes.

Burtynsky's photographs of shipbreaking in Chittagong inspired the descriptions of rusting Soviet landing ships on the coast of Southern England in Hot War.


Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Mar 26th 2010

Oh, and we've got a new article up on the site. A rather stimulating piece looking at expected sales figures for your first small press game. All backed up with concrete facts and figures.


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