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Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Mar 8th 2010 edited

We've recently had a bit of a rethink on our pricing policy and as a result, there have been few changes with the way we do things. The major change is that every print copy of our products now comes with a free PDF of that same product.

For information, I've included our press release below. If anyone would like to discuss the implications of these changes and how they might apply to us all, then feel free to speak up. I'm certainly keen to keep everyone updated with how this goes and how it affectes sales.



In light of developments in the role-playing games market, Contested Ground Studios have undertaken a thorough review of our sales policy. So what does that mean for you, our customers?

Well, the major change is that when you buy the hardcopy version of any of our products, you get the PDF of that product for free. This means that you get print and electronic versions for exactly the same price as the print version alone.

In order to get your free PDF, you'll need to purchase from our own online shop, Indie Press Revolution (by buying the 'Print & PDF Bundle' of any given product), or from the Collective Endeavour booth at various UK conventions. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the free PDF service for customers at non-UK conventions or those purchasing our products through brick and mortar games stores. We are looking into ways round this problem, but at the moment there are several logistical barriers.

The prices of our products have also been reviewed and all of our books, including the critically acclaimed Cold City and Hot War, are now priced at £15/$28US. If you are buying PDFs on a stand-alone basis, you'll also notice some changes. All main rulebooks are now $10US from Indie Press Revolution and Drive-thru RPG. All supplements are now $5US from Indie Press Revolution and Drive-thru RPG.

We think you'll agree that this represents a clearer pricing structure and a better deal for customers. If you would like to check out any of our products before spending your hard earned money, you can check out a whole load of free previews and supplemental materials at the Contested Ground Studios website.

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