Conventions and Events - Concrete Cow 10½ - 11 September 2010

Posted by: Neil Smith On: Mar 31st 2010 edited

Milton Keynes RPG Club are holding another of their games days on 11 September 2010.

We're Milton Keynes RPG Club. Find out more about us at

Saturday 11 September 2010. Doors open at 9.00am, first games start at 10.00am. We'll finish at 11.00pm.

Any roleplaying or board game. You want to play it, bring it along and run it. Previously we've had on offer 3:16, Amber, Call of Cthulhu, Cold City, Dead of Night, Dogs in the Vineyard, GURPS, Gwenthia, HeroQuest, Hollow Earth Expedition, Hot War, Landston, Mouse Guard, Mythic Russia, Primetime Adventures, Savage Worlds, Spycraft, Tekumel, Trail of Cthulhu, Transhuman Space, True20, Vampire, and some more that I've forgotten. Latest updates will be posted on the Concrete Cow website.

A full list of games on offer is on the Concrete Cow games page.

We'll be inviting some Guests of Honour. More details when we have them!

We should have some traders again. Stay tuned for when we get confirmation!

Members of the Concrete Cowncil, MKRPG's convention gaming arm, will be in attendance to run all sorts of funky games.

And, of course, there's all the fantastic games you'll bring along and run. If you let us know what you're planning to run, we'll put it on the Concrete Cow games page.

(Note that for child protection reasons, under-16s will need to be accompanied by an adult at Concrete Cow.)


The Old Bath House, Wolverton, in the north-west corner of Milton Keynes. The full address is

The Old Bath House
205 Stratford Road
Milton Keynes
MK12 5RL

Maps are available on MK Web, Google Maps, and

Directions for drivers are on the directions page.

Regular trains to Milton Keynes run from London Euston station. The nearest station to the con is Wolverton (one stop north of Milton Keynes Central), about five minutes' walk away.

£5.00, payable on the door. This'll cover the cost of hiring the hall.

For more information, visit our Yahoo group, email, or ask here!

Posted by: Neil Smith On: Apr 24th 2010

A couple of updates about Concrete Cow 10½.

First is that Leisure Games have confirmed that they'll be attending Concrete Cow 10½ so there will be another opportunity to buy shiny books and things.

I've also booked Concrete Cow 11 for 19 March 2011, in the same venue. Put the date in your diary!


Posted by: Iain McAllister On: May 3rd 2010

I am going to do my very best to get to this one, hopefully with 'Reel Adventures' in hand for launch. Going to book my time off soon, so will let you know.



Posted by: Neil Smith On: Jul 18th 2010

Under two months to Concrete Cow 10½ and it's time to get the publicity machine into high gear!

Or at least, it's time for me to remind people that the event is happening.

So, Concrete Cow is still going ahead on 11 September in Milton Keynes. I hope you can all make it.

We're please to announce that Reaper's Revenge will be returning as a trader, joining Leisure Games in their mission to part you from your money in return for the nicest possible shinies.

We've sent out missions to hunt down a Guest of Honour or two. Who knows with what they will return?

But we seriously need games. The Concrete Cow games page is looking decidedly bare. Let me know what games you'll be offering on the day and I'll put them on the website and pimp them across the internet.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of months!


Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Jul 18th 2010

All being well, hopefully me Scott and James will pull off our Dead of Night trilogy, with a movie per slot!

Posted by: James Mullen On: Jul 19th 2010

Hopefully, but at the moment I've put in another DoN scenario I want to run as a place holder; I might end up running DoN in every slot of the con at this rate.

Posted by: Scott Dorward On: Jul 19th 2010

I can foresee a lot of DoN being offered, with Concrete Cow being the first dedicated RPG con that Andrew's attended since DoN2 came out. I may offer an additional slot of it myself in the evening, if we haven't glutted everyone by that stage!

Posted by: Neil Smith On: Jul 20th 2010

DoN2 sounds good to me! Tell us of these wonderful games, so we can put them up on the website.

Posted by: Neil Smith On: Jul 22nd 2010 edited

The Concrete Cow games page is looking decidedly less bare now.

So far, we have:

Call of Cthulhu:

* Goodnight Vienna: A WWII bomber crew bail out somewhere over the Med

* On the Shores of Roanoke: 400 years after the colony disappeared

* Prelude to a Coda: What's happening at the 1942 Bayreuth Festival of Wagner?

Dead of Night (2ed):

* Perfect World: A UFO lands in 1955 USA. Can a group of plucky teenagers save the day?

Fiasco: Farcical but unpleasant crime capers

Mouse Guard / Mythic Russia:

* Four Gentlemen of the Road: You can read the blurb above...

But we still need more! Let me know the games you'll be bringing, and I'll try to drum up some interest in them.


Posted by: Neil Smith On: Aug 7th 2010

I'm pleased our Guest of Honour for Concrete Cow 10½, is the CE's very own Andy Kenrick!

Concrete Cow is also the first con that Andy will attend since the launch of Dead of Night 2, so we'll be hosting a (belated) Launch Party for the game! We're still working out the details, but rest assured that Andy will be chained to a table, running games of Dead of Night when he's not answering questions about what's going on in Games Workshop.

And we still need more games for the Concrete Cow games page, so let us know what you'll be offering.

See you on 11 September!


Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Aug 7th 2010

I do hope Andy opens any and all discussions with his by now trademark "Hey kids! It's Uncle Andy!".

Joking aside, CC will also be the first con where Issue 1 of the Hot War Transmission will be available for sale. Andy is kindly carting along some for us, so if anyone fancies grabbing the hardcopy, they will be there.


Posted by: James Mullen On: Aug 18th 2010

We also have an arrangement with the [B]Verandah Talk[/B] restaurant again; details will be confirmed soon, but currently it looks like we will have access to a lunchtime buffet with 2 starters, 2 mains, rice and naan bread for £6.95 per person, drinks extra.

Posted by: Neil Smith On: Sep 6th 2010

Less than a week to go to Concrete Cow 10½ on 11 September, and time to remind you all of the wonderful things that will be happening!

First, there's games! Lots of games! Read the list and quiver in anticipation of all the fun you'll have playing all those games! But there's still time to add your masterpiece to the list and drum up a bit of interest before the event. (In fact, one was added while I was writing this post!)

Then, there's traders! Leisure Games will be there with lots of shiny books and boxes, and Reapers Revenge will be there with lots of shiny polyhedra (and some not-so-shiny second-hand games). Bob the Diceman also says that he's got stacks of Fudge dice available, which appear to be rarer than hens' teeth at the moment.

And there's lunch! The Verandah Talk restaurant, just over the road from the Old Bath House, are once again offering us a special deal on their lunch buffet. Great food, and bizarre non-alcoholic cocktails.

And a Guest of Honour! Andy Kenrick will be there, running games of Dead of Night 2 all day (literally).

Oh, and there'll also be rooms full of gamers having a great time all day. You know you want to come along and join us!

Come along to Concrete Cow, for the most* fun you can have with your clothes on!


(* comparison does not include things that aren't Concrete Cow)

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