Announcements - [Steampower Publishing] The Return!

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Apr 8th 2010

After a long period of internet silence, Steampower Publishing has returned with a new website. It's now at, where I'll be posting regular updates, design notes and art previews.

Also, just like CGS, I've started to tweet too. I'm @andrewkenrick if you want to keep abreast of my goings on.


Posted by: Matt On: Apr 9th 2010

Loving the simplicity and clarity of the look and feel. It lets the content speak for itself.

Did you ever get your old provider to handover your old domain?

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: Apr 9th 2010

Thanks Matt.

No, although I chased it up again this week. It's overdue renewal, so in about a month I can just re-register with someone reputable.

The aim with the site was to be as simple and straightforward as possible, and make it as hassle free for me to update as possible, so I actually update it. No more messing about with html in Dreamweaver for me! Wordpress does it all seamlessly.

Posted by: Iain McAllister On: Apr 12th 2010

Very nice. May do the same myself shortly, about time for a bit of a site update I think.

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