Publishing Advice - [Contested Ground] Q1 2010 Sales

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Apr 17th 2010 edited

Now that the sales figures for Q1 2010 have been totted up, here's how they pan out. It's been something of a mixed bag. a|state has seen quite a few more sales than usual, while Cold City and Hot War have seen pretty large drops in sales.

Hot War in particular saw an almost 50% drop between Q4 2009 and Q1 2010. One thing that may well account for part of this is the interest and sales generated by the hardback edition of the game. Rather than generating new sales, many hardback sales came from people who already had the game. Now it's the case that we have effectively 'tapped out' the market for people willing to re-purchase and the hardcover is being bought as a 'premium choice' by new customers.

Here's the figures, with Q4 2009 figures in brackets for comparison.


IPR: 8 (4)
Direct: 3 (3)
Con: 1 (1)
PDF: 13 (5)

Total: 25 (13)
Cold City**

IPR:19 (19)
Direct: 9 (26)
Con: 4 (4)
PDF: 22 (29)

Total: 54 (78)
Lifetime Sales: 1600

Hot War

IPR:12 (33)
Direct: 16 (46)
Con: 5 (11)
PDF: 28 (28)

Total: 61 (118)
Lifetime Sales: 971


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