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Posted by: KWales On: May 1st 2010 edited

Does anyone know of a retailer that has a copy of 'Dead of Night' rpg on their shelf, mine has vanished in the past couple of months. I hate moving I always loose something.



Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: May 1st 2010

Hi Kev,

I don't know about copies of the old version, but the new edition of Dead of Night should be out sometime over the next month or so. Andy has been doing previews of the artwork and revised text over at the Steampower site.


Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: May 1st 2010

Hey Kev -

The first edition has been out of print for about 18 months, so you might be hard-pressed to find a copy still for sale. But, happily, as Malcolm said, the second edition is due out at the start of June - keep an eye out for details of where you can buy it.

Posted by: KWales On: May 1st 2010

Thanks for the replies, it looks like I'm going to have to wait, I hope June rolls on quickly. It was my first purchase at the Games Expo in it's first year I believe, from the Collective Endeaver stand. I should have brought a spare as it was well used. I was hoping to attend the Expo again this year as I had missed it last year but looks like I'm sorry to say I won't be there until 2011.



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