Announcements - A Taste For Murder and thanks

Posted by: Graham W On: May 6th 2010 edited

As you might know, A Taste for Murder is up for preorder.

I wanted to thank the Collective Endeavour for supporting this game. You've been superb. I wrote it, on a whim, three or four years ago. Nothing further would have happened: then some of you decided to playtest it. I think the playtest was at Ropecon and I'm fairly sure it was Gregor, Joe, Matt and Sami Koponen in the game. If I've got that wrong, do correct me.

Rather to my surprise, they told me it was fun. So I felt obliged to play it myself and found that I had fun, too. I hadn't really expected to write something fun. I'd written stuff before, but the idea of actually enjoying something I'd written was strange.

Three years later, it's done and I'm proud of it. It's been through an insane amount of playtesting and it's become the solid, tested game I wanted my first game to be.

So, thanks again for your support and good luck with your own games.


Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: May 6th 2010

Glad to see it finally released Graham - hopefully I'll get to play it soon too!

Do keep us updated about how the sales/preorder goes - especially whether the chutney goes down well.

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: May 6th 2010

Hey Graham,

It's great to see A Taste For Murder finally out. I know that Gregor, Joe, and Matt talked very enthusiastically about it after playtesting. Having pre-ordered the game, I've enjoyed what I've read of the PDF so far. For anyone (like me) who really enjoys the likes of Chesterton and Wodehouse, it seems that ATfM is a sure fire winner.

I find the cover an extremely amusing homage to A Certain Line of Books by a Notable Publisher. I'm assuming that because of the changes you have made to the design, there would be no chance of awkward repercussions? The use of such things for artistic purposes is something I'm very hazy on. I remember (and this is showing my age!) Pop Will Eat Itself getting into trouble for their t-shirts that used the Pepsi logo, replacing the word 'Pepsi' with 'PWEI'.

Anyhow, well done on getting the game out there.


Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: May 7th 2010

After ferreting around the archives I found the original AP thread. I've always had good experiences with ATfM (from locales from Espoo to Dublin).

Indeed it was Joe, Matt, Sami and myself at RopeCon. So I'm very happy to see this out there as a solid polished game.

I also like the green cover, which is of course the correct colour for a Murder Mystery in that scheme.

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: May 7th 2010

I lie about Dublin. It was Cork!

Posted by: Rachael Hodson On: May 7th 2010

Just ordered my copy, looks good fun.
Hope you will be running a game at Dragonmeet or Indiecon if your going to either of them.

Do you know when the release date for the hard copy will be?

Posted by: Graham W On: May 7th 2010 edited

Rachael, the hard copy will take a while. Perhaps six weeks? When I asked what people wanted in a preorder, lots of people said: their name in the book. And that's great, but it means a very early preorder. I'll finalise the PDF tomorrow, put names in it, then send it off to the printers.

It's about 30 preorders so far. I'm most interested that people get excited about their name being in the book. The chutney's fun, but the name-in-the-book is the thing I'll do again.

Oh, and IndieCon! Yes, I'm there, I love that convention. Yes, I'll very happily run A Taste For Murder.

Thanks again.


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