Announcements - [Dead of Night 2] Gone to Print

Posted by: Andrew Kenrick On: May 18th 2010

Well, the deed is done. Dead of Night has been sent to print. All being well, the first copies should be with me in a couple of weeks time. If they’re OK, I’ll print more. I’m taking the first print run to Games Expo in three weeks time, after which I’ll put it up for order direct from me. If you’re patient and can wait a few more weeks, there’ll be copies at Indie Press Revolution, which should make the postage cheaper for those of you not in Europe and the UK.

The book clocked in at 186 pages in the end – a good 96 pages longer than I was expecting, and almost as thick as first edition. Not too shabby considering 1st edition was physically half the size. The new edition is a good deal prettier too – I’ll post up some previews of the interior design over the next week or so so you can see Paul’s handiwork for yourself.

In the mean time, I've posted up one of my favourite bits of art from the book - Path Lab - over at the blog.

Posted by: KWales On: May 18th 2010

Hi Andrew,

Fantastic news, please could I purchase one of your first copies? I''ll be happy to read through and let you know if I spot anything confusing or out of place.

I've still not found my 1st ed copy, if you see notes in any forums looking for a replacement copy or one that someone wants to sell on that's me (usually under dragonkev or kevdragon). Even when I purchase the new edition I still want to replace my 1st edition to go into my collection. While I'm still searching thought the same boxes again and again I did find some notes I had made when I was putting together a Hellraiser adventure. I was setting on playing it from the cenobite perspective with the human being the monsters (the box was the key to their powers, so to speak), and the box the key to the cenobites end or survival. I never got to run it as I had to move. Hopefully I will at some point. I'd also put some notes together to run a Diablo based game, didn't get far with that but used to play the D&D diablo box game (the only D&D is ever purchased not really a fan). But Diablo does have some great little monsters and big monsters to use, especially for summoning gone wrong.

Anyway this is excellent news Andrew, I did like the little first ed, but the second sounds like a good meaty tome to get our teeth into. The art work is looking fantastic, very eerie and creepy. I hope you sell out quickly and I bet you will.



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