Announcements - Stuff to Watch May 2010

Posted by: Matt On: May 22nd 2010

Book Oven looks like an interesting collaborative editing tool. Similar to something I'd been thinking about building. It has a neat feature called bite-sized edits where random bits of your text are shown to other users to tweak and improve.

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: May 24th 2010

Daniel Solis' Happy Birthday, Robot is in the last 8 days of its pledge time.

I'm watching this model of funding closely. I think it looks a great book, and it seems to work super-well with kids. Bravo, Daniel. And congrats on going over $2600 pledged.

To have your project funded to its target in 24 hours was awesome, but to be 250% of your target with 8 days to go is fantastic.

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: May 26th 2010

Ron (in the fourth post in this thread) re-states, and talks in detail about, 'system does/doesn't matter' in the context of misconceptions about those statements. An interesting restatement of a popular point for debate over the last decade or so.


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