Announcements - [Contested Ground] New Hot War Quickplay Demo Pack

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: May 25th 2010

The new Hot War Quickplay Demo Pack is now available for download from the Contested Ground Studios website (just scroll down to the bottom of the Downloads page).

Hot War is an alternative history/horror game for three or more participants that has players dealing with life in 1963, a year after the nuclear apocalypse. You'll confront hidden agendas, sinister factional machinations, and see the changes in relations with friends and enemies.

Hot War allows both short term and campaign play, with a system that allows the group to work out exactly the kind of game they want to play amongst the wreckage of 1960s London, where war has unleashed horrors of the most terrifying kind.

The six page PDF centers around a team hot on the trail of a Soviet mole, highly-placed in the British government. But all is not as it seems... The pack includes conflict details, background, and character sheets. It's ideal for running a 15 - 30 minute Hot War demo game or for a group of friends wanting to try the mechanics out before embarking on their first full game.

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