Announcements - New Releases at Games Expo 2010

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: May 29th 2010 edited

UK Games Expo 2010 opens it's doors at the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham on the 5th of June and, as always, the members of the Collective Endeavour will be there in force.

This year we have four new releases, on sale for the first time at Games Expo. These are:

Dead of Night, 2nd Edition: The totally revised and re-animated new edition of this acclaimed game of slasher movies and survival horror by Andrew Kenrick. Featuring jaw-dropping art and graphic design by leading industry artist Paul Bourne, Dead of Night gives you all you need to create truly horrifying games.

Hell 4 Leather: Winner of the 'Two Games One Name' design contest and a stunning collaboration between critically lauded designers Joe J Prince and Gregor Hutton. Intuitive, quick to play, and visually arresting, Hell 4 Leather takes you on a journey of bloody vengeance and terrifying retribution from beyond the grave.

Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale: The Collective Endeavour's second ever card game. Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale is an action packed grapple fest, perfectly blending humur and strategy. For 2-6 players a game lasts about 20 electrifying minutes!

Remember Tomorrow: From Gregor Hutton, designer of the massive hit 3:16, Carnage Amongst The Stars, comes this game of near future action and drama. Drawing on the influence of William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, and 'Bladerunner', Remember Tomorrow gives you the tools to create genuinely engaging cyberpunk stories.

You'll also find a whole range of classic games by members of the Collective Endeavour. From the wailing guitars and roaring crowds of Umlaut: Game of Metal by Rich Stokes, to the failed conspiracies and tense drama of Covenant by Matt Machell. From the madcap inventiveness of Revenge of the B-Movie by Iain McAllister to the wave-tossed derring-do of Beat to Quarters by Neil Gow.

Games Expo 2010 will also be the final convention where you can buy the long-standing favourite a|state by Malcolm Craig. After this convention, a|state will depart from the Collective Endeavour booth. Although, you'll still be able to buy it online from Contested Ground Studios.

So, whatever your tastes in gaming, come along to the Collective Endeavour booth at Games Expo 2010 in Birmingham. You won't be disappointed.


Posted by: Esteban Torres On: Jun 24th 2010

Malcolm Craig:Umlaut: Game of Metal by Rich Stokes

Damn it!!! I was thinking in a similar project.

Umlaut looks so cool. I want to play it, but I live in "the rest of the world".

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