Announcements - [Hell 4 Leather] Roars into print!

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jun 15th 2010

Yeah finally, Hell 4 Leather is available for purchase, woo.

A RPG of Bloody Revenge on Devil’s Night!

Inspired by tales of revenge as diverse as: Hamlet, Kill Bill, The Crow and with a hint of Ghost Rider – Hell 4 Leather roars like a motorbike on full throttle.

The game features a liberating style of scene-based free-style role-playing brought to a focus with decisive card mechanics.

Tarot Cards are used by The Fool, a vengeful revenant intent on killing off the rest of the Devil's Dozen before the rooster crows.

An awesome layout by Boxninja's Gregor Hutton (3:16) makes this game a thing of true beauty.

Hell 4 Leather is available now from PoD Games.

Players: 3 – 6 (No GM required)
Playing Time: 2 – 4 hours
System: Tarot Deck (playing cards can be used as a substitute)
Genre: Revenge / Outlaw Bikers / Occult
Price: £6.66 (full colour booklet and PDF).

Cheers guys

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Jun 15th 2010

Great stuff! Hell 4 Leather really does combine excellent gameplay and outstanding presentation in a manner that allows both side to enhance and amplify each other.

I'd like, if I may, to ask a question regarding the pricing: Aside from the obvious allusion, how did you arrive at the price point? How much re-playability do you think H4L has for a group?

Oh, and would you be interested in people posting up their alternative set-ups for the game? It's already stimulated my imagination in different directions - spy left for dead in woods just outside Prague comes back to take revenge on Control is just one I was thinking about. I guess it would be useful in those cases to give some indication of what positions the different characters might hold and what the game might entail.

Anyhow, good show!


Posted by: Sebastian Hickey On: Jun 16th 2010

Can I just say...

Brrrmmmmmmm! Brmmmmmmmmm!

Hell 4 Leather is a steal at that price. It's an elegant masterpiece.

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jun 16th 2010

Cheers guys

Yeah I'm looking forward to doing a Hell 4/for Leather bundle when Sebastian's got his final version out.

On the price point, well it just seemed kind of apt.

I firmly believe H4L has buckets of re-playability. For a single group whoever is playing the Fool makes a big difference. It's the game you can pull out at midnight when everyone's half cut and still have a blast with!

Bring on the alternative set ups, they sound cool. I've already got ideas brewing about Left 4 Hell, survivors in a demon spawned zombie apocalypse & 4 Hell or not 4 Hell - something is rotten in the state of Denmark...

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