Actual Play - Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale

Posted by: Gregor Hutton On: Jun 16th 2010 edited

So, last night in our continuing quest of gaming we tried our hand at Dust Devils. But we didn't get through the game session in the end and we called a halt at 10. Tired minds and wearied souls called for a quick game of...

...Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale, Joe Prince's leap into the world of card games.

So, we had 4 players and we all grabbed a wrestler to go. Russ was Cleetus, I was Dave McTavish, Malc was El Spectacularo and Joe was Mohawk. The other wrestlers got put into the deck for run-ins.

It was easy to play and a lot of fun. Aided by the rule that you get 1 card for taunting, but 2 cards if you act it out. Malc rubbing a chimichanga or whatever into Cleetus' face sticking out to me.

In the end Joe was first out; he was only little injured by got DQd for using a chair on McTavish. I played the DQ card on him, somewhat cruelly, as I had done two illegal moves by then and Malc had done one -- still the card came up and Joe was next to take the risk of something illegal!

I then got bashed up badly, and just when it seemed McTavish was toast it was El Spectacularo to the rescue as he seized his chance to smack the crap out of Cleetus (a double atomic drop lives vividly in my memory). This ended up with both McTavish and Cleetus in potentially pinable positions!

Malc was the moral victor. His mexican luchador took very little (if any damage) but the other two rallied slightly with taunting and using their finishing moves to block the plucky Mexican.

Then out of nowhere McTvaish's attempted headscirrors on Cleetus through the Spanish Announce Table was reversed. No one could block it and I got put through for the pin by Cleetus. Russ wins.

Spectacularo was robbed (like so many successful Luchadors down the years!).

A very fun game and nicely tactical. The cards are cartoony and clear. They encourage banter at the table and there is repeat value here.

Awesome. And soon me and Malc were off in the car, home to Edinburgh.

You can get a copy of the game from Joe's site for the princely sum of £12 (did you see what I did there, Joe?).

Edited: To get the name "Pro-Wrasslin' Battle Royale" right.

Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jun 16th 2010

Good edit. ;)

Cheers for posting this Gregor, I really need to get round to doing a proper press release for the game - there's just not enough hours in the day and work have meanly banned all interweb access. Curses.

Posted by: Malcolm Craig On: Jun 16th 2010

The part of it that I really enjoyed, and think is worth highlighting, is the Taunting. Gregor mentioned in his post that you get a single card for simply saying that you're taunting, but get two cards for acting it out. That's a really simple, but clever, mechanic there. It really did make us stand up, shout, put on daft accents, get into the spirit of the thing. It's good stuff.


Posted by: Joe Prince On: Jun 17th 2010

Yeah it also makes PWBR on the cusp of storygaming!

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