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    After some excellent feedback from a variety of sources, the prospective Hot War cheat sheet has been knocked into a better shape.

    The character creation section has been removed, and will appear on its own cheat sheet, along with NPC and monster creation.

    Everything that comes up in conflicts seems to be there, along with all of the appropriate page references and guidance. Hopefully this will all (with Paul's graphic design magic) fit on to one A4 page.

    Before finalising the sheet, is this something that looks complete and useful to those experienced with Hot War? Are there any things related to conflicts (and only to conflicts) that have been missed and could be useful? Any mistakes, spelling errors, or egregious nonsense to be excised?


    Edit: A rogue, older version of the sheet was previously attached to this post. It's now sorted and the correct version is linked to below.
    Very quick glance, and as you well know I'm not the ideal person to be proofreading anything, but:

    It doesn't mention that you can't bring 2 agendas into a conflict, which I know I've cocked up before.

    Also in this section, a line says:

    Rating 3 = +4dice

    which should probably have a space in like the other lines:

    Rating 3 = +4 dice

    The section:

    4) Relationships:
    Positive: Player gets to first choice on using
    Negative: Opponent gets first choice on using.

    Unless conflict is with the object of that relationship, then situation is reversed.

    Is a bit ambiguous. For example, what if two players are acting against each other? Maybe a slight phrasing change to:

    4) Relationships:
    Positive: character with the relationship on their sheet gets to first choice on using it.
    Negative: opponent gets first choice on using.

    If the conflict is with the object of the relationship in question, then the situation is reversed.

    Add dice to the pool equal to the value of the relationship.

    In the negative chart, you probably want an extra return between:

    Gain a new negative relationship at 1


    Unlock a trait

    (I appreciate this isn't proper layout, but hey)

    In "Crisis Points" you have the table:

    Action = serious injury or death
    Influence = madness, catatonia, loss of willpower
    Insight = Self-doubt, confusion, loss of reasoning or intellectual ability

    There is inconsistent capitalisation: serious, madness, Self-doubt

    The last paragraph "The player may now pick anew hidden agenda for the character." That probably ought to be "a new hidden agenda"

    Other than that, there are a couple of subjective and style changes. Like saying:

    1) Start with a number of dice equal to the Attribute in use

    rather than:

    1) Number of dice = Attribute used

    But very subjective.

    Overall though, a very, very helpful reference! I think that just about everything I've ever looked up in the book during play is included, which is fantastic!
    That's excellent Rich, thanks very much.

    One thing I'm pleased to see is that it looks like something you'd find useful during a game. It's good to have that kind of feedback.

    I'm planning on also using this as the basis for a Cold City cheat sheet, although obviously there will be differences between that and HW.

    Malcolm Craig:One thing I'm pleased to see is that it looks like something you'd find useful during a game. It's good to have that kind of feedback.

    I fully plan to use this for this weekends Pubcon game. In all it's ugly, un-laid-out glory!