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    As part of the development process for Sunshine (1970s SF + Cold War + cyberpunk, for want of a better description), I've set up a dedicated feedback forum over at the general CGS forums. In addition, anyone who wants to can get access to the game files (plus some artwork) through Dropbox.

    The forum aspect ensures that development is fully open and in public, hopefully generating some good feedback. Using Dropbox to disseminate game information will (hopefully) ensure that people interested in the progress of the game design will always be able to access, and be alerted to, new developments, new documents, and new pieces of art.

    It's my hope that this very open form of design will give dividends in terms of making a better game and making people feel part of the entire process.

    You can find the development forum right here. And if you would like to check out the latest Sunshine files, please don't hesitate to email me at malcolm[at]contestedground[dot]co[dot]uk and I'll add you to the Dropbox folder.

    I like the idea of using Dropbox to share the development docs, excellent stuff. If you don't mind I will try and take a similar tack as I develop Stitch further.


    Hi Iain,

    The Dropbox thing seems to be working pretty well at the moment. However, I'll report back after a while to let people know exactly how things go, whether it's a positive thing for the development process, acts as a barrier, or whatever.

    At the moment twelve people have signed up for the folder, which is a very good start as far as I'm concerned.There have already been unprompted offers to playtest the game, which is great. The forum has also been getting a good number of views, so at least there is a certain amount of interest out there.

    This is the closest I've got (so far) to having an entirely open development process. I'm keen to see where it goes.

    How open is open? I always thought Hot War was designed out in public; how will you tackle the design process for Sunshine differently?
    A lot of the discussion for Cold City and Hot War did take place, as you point out, on the CGS forum, at the Forge, etc. So, yes, it was very much public development. My thinking with Sunshine is that inviting people to be part of things at a very early stage, making the core documents available, and encouraging the discussion of changes, inspirations, and play to take place, at all times, in a public place, takes it a step further. Obviously, I have no illusions that this is in any way new or original!

    I love that the core docs are up and available to mull over and (if I can get the time) play!