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    Pooka has put together a great little set of notes for running Remember Tomorrow in the Edo Period of Japan. It's pretty sweet!

    Pooka's thread is here and the document itself is here. Arnold's character sheets are here, but I have a plan for schmanzier ones...

    I totally want a Meteor Hammer.
    So, we got to play this on Monday and it was pretty rad.

    Changes to make? I think some of the Conditions could be reworded for an Edo feel. Humiliated --> Disgraced or Shamed. Destitute --> Outlawed or Outcast.

    Some of the lists could be polished too.

    Otherwise... it worked very, very well.
      CommentAuthorJoe Prince
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2010
    I like how you hacked the cyberwear rules for a bushido feel.
    I've made some character sheets for Edo, after some back and forth with Pooka.

    Plain Sheets * Sheets Paper Background

    And here are the plain Remember Tomorrow sheets (from the back of the book).

    The lists need a bit of polishing but that's about all. The stuff about the supernatural dial (do you have Oni, Kappa, magic, cursing and so on) is a table preference. You find that stuff by putting it out there and the table agreeing or tempering it on contact. Well, that's my take.

    Edit: fixed the links.