CommentAuthorJoe Prince
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    I done Game Chef too!

    Please check out my game - planned in Majorca, typed up in the only few hours I had computer access on Friday night.

    My God's Bigger than Your God
    A spiritual journey of religious intolerance in the holy desert city.

    The rest of the 2010 Game Chef submissions are here -
    Sebastian's is sweet.
    Drawn from a rich tapestry of influences no doubt. ;)
    Joe Prince:Drawn from a rich tapestry of influences no doubt. ;)

    Boom boom!

    Your game sounds deliciously controversial Joe - I look forward to reading it! There looked like a good spread of entries this year; I'm hoping to dig in a bit further.
    Cool! Short but packed with juicy, meaty goodness; I love games with a religious element, despite (because) my being a complete atheist.

    What should a Promise look like though? And what does a Power actually do? I'm assuming they get narrated into the story elements of each action you take, but do they do anything mechanical?

    Does the game end when there are none of the faithless left to be claimed? Or is it a fight to the death until one God has the majority of all the available followers?
    Joe, post your game also in "Gente che Gioca"
    I think (and hope) that someone in Italy could help you...
    I really like this one, but I can see me hacking the hell out of it (pun intended). Joe: If you are at GiG and we get a chance could you run a demo of it at all? I'll try and remember to bring £3:80 in change with me ;)
      CommentAuthorJoe Prince
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2010
    Thanks guys.

    @James - A Promise is something a faith promises, like everlasting life in the land of milk and honey. A power is like "My god Thor has power over thunder."
    They are essentially colour elements though - fastidiously modelled on real gods demonstrated powers.
    The game ends when one player has more Followers than all the others combined, or after an allotted time limit expires (pg2).
    I like Never to Die, it puts me in mind of Best Friends meets Kill Puppies for Satan steeped in Brit lad flavour!

    @Iacopo - good idea, done.

    @Keith - Yeah would love to run a demo game on Monday. You hack into that fruity void! Will £3.80 buy a pint at the end I wonder...?
      CommentAuthorKeith Fyans
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    Joe Prince: Will £3.80 buy a pint at the end I wonder...?

    I hope so - the Drum & Monkey has lots of nice ale on tap!

    EDIT: That is if you like ale ;)