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    Coyote Press have a preview of their Italian translation of Contenders - it looks gorgeous.

    Thank's Andrew (i'm one of the Coyotes)
    We are very happy about the result of the work :-)
    here you can find the cover and another picture:
      CommentAuthorNewt Newport
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    Blowing my own trumpet here a bit

    D101 is proud to present in the month of October, a series of special releases and price drops to celebrate Wordplay.

    Adventures in Wordplay: The Road Less Travelled - a free pdf adventure to introduce the system (ETA end of this week)

    Wordplay Creative Commons Core - A plain text version of the gamesystem as a free download/low cost 6” x 9” book from Lulu.com (ETA end of October)

    All through out the month, Wordplay The Big Five (the core system + four settings + full art) is at a special low price of £15 print/£5 pdf - a £5 saving on RRP.


    Print/Pdf at Lulu.com

    Pdf at Drivethrurpg.com

    More info http://d101games.co.uk/books/wordplay/
    For those of you enjoyed Hot War Transmission 1 and its focus on Quatermass, the Quatermass Experiment is on BBC4 tomorrow night at 1045.
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    If you want to get Covenant, Hot War, Contenders and many other great RPGs, the RPGNow Bundle for Doctors Without Borders is a great deal for a good cause. Get it here