CommentAuthorNeil Gow
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2011
    As some people know, I have been struggling to balance the pressures of my new career as a lecturer and the trials and tribulations of being a game publisher. So I have decided to place Omnihedron on hiatus for the foreseeable future, just until things calm down.

    This does mean that some of the promised pieces of work will not now see the light of day - like the French book and Rise of the Zulu. This is why I have put this under 'publishing advice' so that I can pass this nugget on: NEVER PROMISE WHAT YOU CANNOT DELIVER!

    As a closing point to this phase of the project, however, I thought I would share my three year sales for the games. This is everything that has ever gone out, in any format.

    Duty & Honour: 618
    Beat to Quarters: 423
    1809 Misc: 317
    1810 Misc: 151

    Total number of units shifted in three years? 1509

    I can't say I am displeased with that!

    Fantastic numbers, Neil, but to me the great thing is the quality of the games you've put out. Just superb.
    Awesome numbers Neil, although it's a real shame to see you stop publishing.

    What's the split between print and pdf in those? Most are direct, too, right?