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    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009 edited
    Hi Folks,

    right, this appears to be working fine. Let me know if you see any bugs...

    So here's the thing. We had a chat about what to do when we moved to Vanilla. We figured what with a slight refocus of the site, hopefully to be clearer about what we do, it might be a good time for people to ask: what am I doing here and is it still useful to me? If you still want to chat about our games, conventions, actual play, design and stuff. Cool! We still want to chat about that stuff. As always sign up with your real name and we're away.

    All old stuff has not been lost! It's stored, and I'll be putting up an archive in a bit...

    P.S. Sorry for the sudden-ness, but I wanted to do this Pre-Dragonmeet and real-life stuff has meant it crept up on me.
    I kinda liked the old forum, but I guess vanilla isn't too bad either!
    What I'm wondering about is if there's been a shift on the focus of the site as well. It seems much more focused on promoting CE and it's members and less like a community (although the forums will serve as that I suppose).
      CommentAuthorNeil Gow
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    Its absolutely still about the community, George, and about sharing ideas and getting and giving feedback. I think everyone is clear that CE has changed quite a bit over the last two years and what Matt called the 'slight refocus' will hopefully erase any ambiguity. In fact, if you want, post up your thing about 'The Darkness' again because I had some ideas this afternoon. On the toilet. Its my thinking space...*grin*

    Should I just re-up the original text?

    What I said above was mostly about the general layout, with the games listed and such. I guess what I'm asking is, at what point does one become a member of the collective?

    I like the new design by the way! Much more punchy.
      CommentAuthorNeil Gow
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    The games have always been there - just hidden away in a dark corner, rarely updated and in a less than useful format. In the end, CE is about us selling our games as well as designing them, so it makes sense to give them a little more space. Bang up that text again in a new thread and I can unleash my toilet musings.
    That makes sense.
    I'm trying to re-post my AP because I'm writing the next few parts and I stumbled on to a little problem. The character limit in posts seems to be very low and what once was 4 posts will now be more like 12 or so.
    Is there a way to change that?
      CommentAuthorRich Stokes
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2009 edited
    George Cotronis:I guess what I'm asking is, at what point does one become a member of the collective?

    This point deserves some attention because it's a large part of our re-focusing. The Collective Endeavour currently has 8 members (Malcolm Craig, Neil Gow, Gregor Hutton, Andrew Kenrick, Matt Machel, Iain McAllister, Joe Prince, and myself, Rich Stokes). There are currently no plans to change that membership.

    The forums are, and will remain, for everyone who wants to use them. All kinds of people use the forum to share their knowledge and expertise, or just to enthuse about games and gaming. And not just our games, but games in general.

    If you like something, discuss it! If you don't like it, discuss it (constructively mind you)! If you want help, some of us can often give you pointers or advice, but a lot of other folks use the forums who're at least as (and in many cases, far more) knowledgeable as us. Their input, YOUR input makes this forum a useful resource for everyone.
    But it's worth pointing out that what Rich says has been true for the past year and doesn't affect how the forums and community work - if you want to discuss games design and publishing, then we are all here to help as we always have been.