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    Joe Prince's Hell 4 Leather has arrived today.

    It's a 6-page glossy booklet printed in lush and vibrant colour. It's on 150 gsm paperstock and is just stunning to look at. It folds open to reveal a functional and attractive interior. The layout of the game aims to make play easy and intuitive. The example of play is also written to aid players in making the most of the game.

    This will be launched at UK Games Expo.

    Hell 4 Leather run by Joe is on 3-7 pm on the Saturday. There are 5 spaces available at the moment, which is crazy. BOOK HERE This will be a great game to play in.

    See the attached photo of the print copies:
      CommentAuthorTim Gray
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2010
    Ooh, that looks very snazzy!

    And I love the price point! ;)
    Looks great!

    One tiny point: You should consider changing the font on the shop front webpage. I can't read the gothic font blurb text there.

    Can you sell me a copy please? I couldn't find the spend-my-money button anywhere on the site.

      CommentAuthorJoe Prince
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2010
    Which bit of text do you mean Sebastian?
    "Online Shop"?

    Hell 4 leather is not out yet!

    It'll be released at Games Expo and then available for direct sales shenanigans.
    Hey Seb

    I see that the font "MesquiteStd" is in the page HTML, which I guess has carried over from Joe copy and pasting it into his web design program.

    The funny thing is that when I look at it in Firefox it just looks italic to me, and I do have Mesquite Std on my computer!

    Huh, very weird.
    Here's a screenshot:

      CommentAuthorJoe Prince
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2010
    I have changed the font - hope it works better for mesquite lovers. Mmmm mesquite.
    Mucho, mucho mejor.